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We are together|SONT donated 3000 protective suits to Jiangxi Provence in the fight against the NCP
Release time:2020-02-12

With the spread of novel coronavirus pneumonia(NCP), there is a serious shortage of medical protective materials in various parts of the country. Jiangxi government has launched the initiative of emergency medical protection materials for all sectors of the community. Zheng Bo, chairman of company , actively responded to the fund-raising initiative and joined in the fight against the coronavirus with practical actions. In the face of the overall shortage of materials and difficulties in procurement, 3000 sets of medical protective clothing were successfully purchased in Japan,and then shipped to Nanchang through Shanghai overnight in February 4th. All donations were donated to Jiangxi Province in the name of "SONT". It was used to support the prevention and control of new coronavirus infection in Hi- tech Zone in Nanchang and other areas, so as to better ensure the health and safety of the workers in the forefront of the battle.

We are together|SONT donated 3000 protective suits to Jiangxi Provence in the fight against the NCP

Since novel coronavirus outbreak, company has fully implemented the relevant requirements and document spirit of the first-class public health emergency launched by Guangdong and Jiangxi provinces, always put the life safety and health of the company's employees first.

1、 Set up epidemic emergency response team to implement prevention and control deployment.

Keep up with the pace of prevention and control, organize the company's personnel to set up an emergency response team, arrange and implement the coordination work of logistics support and medical resources during the epidemic, understand the situation of employees, and do a good job in the publicity of epidemic prevention and control knowledge. During the Spring Festival, employees are encouraged not to go out or party, use wechat, telephone and other network channels to celebrate the festival, and actively guide people around them to participate in the prevention and control of the epidemic.

2、 Implement the notice of delayed resumption .

In order to effectively avoid the infection of epidemic situation and reduce the crowd gathering. As a communication industry enterprise, the company practically put the life safety and health of employees first, actively implemented the notice on extending the Spring Festival holiday and on delaying the resumption of work, and decided to officially resume work on February 10.

3、 Actively cooperate with the epidemic fighting work

While strengthening internal prevention and control work, the company also actively coordinates with the local government's information collection work for the employees in the park, timely reporting the epidemic prevention and control measures, and answering the problems encountered by the company in its current prevention and control work.

We are together|SONT donated 3000 protective suits to Jiangxi Provence in the fight against the NCP

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